New Year – Clean sexual slate

11 Jan 2017 - 21:33 | Tags: Christmas makes women hornier, new year sex

Christmas has come and gone, and what a Christmas it has been. America has made some huge steps globally, and we have a brand new president coming in, and whether you like Donald Trump or not, you can be sure he is going to shake things up and change things one way or another. The new year brings with it all the promise of a fresh start. All the mistakes of the year get washed away, leaving you with the opportunity to start over, a clean slate, for everyone. So how does this affect dating and sex?

Time to get over your Ex – and go have sex

If you have been hung up over an ex, someone you were super committed to, who broke your heart, it is time to get over it. That was *last year* - last year was ages ago! It is totally alright to be fine again now. Being fine doesn’t undermine what you had, it is simply that what you used to have together was last year, and now that it is this year you need to get out there and go fuck someone else. Simple.

No worries or strife, new attitude to life

With the new year in, it is time to let go of all your previous years hang ups and issues. It is time to get on with this years good times, to embrace all the exciting gifts that life will offer you – and that very much includes the gift of girls. When they arrive, embrace them, kiss them, and most defiantly have sex with them. With this new positive attitude, you are ready to fuck.

Tie up loose ends – get tested

No one wants to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Going to a sexual health clinic can feel embarrassing, awkward, and a waste of time. Your issue is that if it turns out you have something, you have to contact every girl you slept with going back till your last test, which could have been years ago. That is years of women! So get a yearly MOT done. Going in for a test at the turn of the year is just ticking an admin box. When it comes up clear, you know you have a clean slate, and should you ever pick anything up, you never have to go back more than a year to trace it or have to tell people. With that clean slate, comes fresh confidence, and thus more sex.

So embrace 2017 and all that it has to offer. It is going to be a sexy year!

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