Judge your own value – for ye are being judged

12 Nov 2015 - 10:29 | Tags: how to get laid, sexual marketplace

Judgement comes in all forms. Your family judge you on how good a member you are, your parents are judging you on how well they have done raising you. At work it is nice and transparent. Regular reviews and targets allow your judgement to be pretty clear and openly done. When you walk into a bar of strangers, subconsciously everyone makes a quick judgement of you – the most popular being that you are no threat and they can go on with their evening whilst ignoring you completely. In the world of sex and boy girl relationships – judgement is something not only to be aware of, but something that should be addressed and actively worked on. You are going to be evaluated, you can not escape from that, so rather than ignore it, step up and make sure that when you are evaluated that you score highly so that you can, well, score!

For Men

I found this quite brutal male survey online. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/dating-market-value-test-for-men/ The guy holds nothing back, and the entire thing is pretty hard core. If you go and take the test be prepared to have a tough skin on this – you are likely to be annoyed by some of the questions and you are going to score low unless you have already spent time working specifically to ensure that you are judged well in the sexual market place.
It is brutal, I think that it has some good lessons in it. You will be judged on your over all set up. Are you healthy and strong? Have you gained status in your field? Do you have money or resource to hand should you need it? I think that there is a lot to be said for the truth of this. It is not pretty by any means, but it is true for many girls (not all). Bear it in mind.

For Girls

I could point you in the direction of a survey, but essentially in the sexual market place you are being judged on your looks. Period. In the medium to long term everything else kicks in, sure, but on the outset it is entirely down to how you look. If you are not sure objectively whether you are currently good looking or not, go put your photo up on somewhere like hot or not and find out. For you, you must have great photos. For this site, be bold, have courage with the pics and don’t be afraid to show a little skin. It is going to get you what you want.

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