How To Be The Perfect Fuck Buddy

Having a fuck buddy can mean different things to different people. Some people define a fuck buddy as just someone to have sex with once in a while. Others define a buddy as someone to have sex with but to also occasionally hang out with and help out with household stuff. The problem people often have with choosing a fuck buddy is that their definitions often differ. Below is a quick guide on how to be the perfect f-buddy, ensuring that you get the best out of any situation.

1. The Approach – Be Direct and Honest
The good thing about F-Buddy is that you can message someone you like the look of without the worry of wondering if they’re interested in sex or not. This isn’t a typical dating site. People aren’t here to ‘go out with someone and see how it goes’. People are here to hook up and have sex. The first piece of advice is to be direct with the people you’re messaging. Too many mistakes and complications arise by people not being honest with one another.

2. Find Out Where Your Partner Stands
Leading on from the being honest advice, it is important to find out what your partner wants. Is it just sex, or do they want to hang out as well? Finding out these details are crucial before you start having sex. It will prevent either party from getting hurt further down the line.

3. Don’t be Aggressive
This might work in the bedroom, but it will definitely not work on the approach. You need to be respectful of your potential buddy. Why would they want to sleep with someone acting like a cock?

4. Tell people about yourself
Explain why you’re on the site. Give a little background as to what’s happened in your life, whether or not you’ve just come out of a relationship, or if you just fancy being single and care free for a while. If people judge you then they’re idiots and not the right f-buddy for you. Most of the time though, you find that other people have a similar background and like to talk about it.

5. Don’t give up
A lot of people just give up the first time they get a knockback. Can you imagine what would happen to the human race if we all did that all the time? We wouldn’t get anywhere at all. Don’t let a negative response or no response get you down.

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