Does summer affect your sex drive?

12 Jun 2014 - 21:18 | Tags: summer sex

With summer fast approaching women are starting to wear less and less. Just this morning I’ve witnessed at least a dozen crop tops, seven cases of short skirts and at least several pairs of tight cotton leggings. It’s like a conveyor belt of hot women suddenly decided to come out to play in the sun. But is it all a bit of a tease? With all the flesh on display it’s hardly surprising that I and pretty much every other straight man are getting hot under the collar. Yet despite all the sunshine, bare flesh and panting men, is it all just meaningless foreplay? Are we getting hornier as the sun gets hotter?

Heat vs Sex
Sunshine makes us all feel a lot better. The increased Vitamin D being absorbed into our bodies has many health benefits including increased hair growth, healthier skin and more endorphins being released into our blood stream. If we feel good, we feel more energised and able to do a lot more. So what about our sex drive?

Well there’ve been so many studies done into this over the years that it’s surprising no one has a definitive answer to this yet. The three schools of thought all disagree with some saying that the sex drive increases, others saying it drops and a third saying there’s no discernible difference.

Who’s right?

It all depends on the individual
Some people can’t handle the heat that well. If you’re one of those people then the idea of having lots of energetic hot and sweaty bedroom fun might not be so appealing. There are others (and I fall into this category) who like the sun, but can’t handle it when the temperatures hit 30 degrees plus. I start to wilt and despite being a horny fucker nearly 24/7…even I struggle to get up the will to hop into bed. I usually want a swim in the sea or a swimming pool first.

Then on the other scale there’s the sun lovers, the people who can’t get enough of their daily fix on sunshine. They’re more likely to be over active in the summer and less active in the winter. This in turn leads them to be much more likely to want sex more.

So what’s the answer?
Simple really; if you like the sun you’re more likely to want sex more. If you’re not the sun’s best friend then you might be more likely to want sex more in the autumn or winter.

My advice as always is to have as much sex as you want when you can.

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