Boost your Bedroom Confidence

21 Mar 2015 - 11:28 | Tags: bedroom confidence, how to get the best sex

If you’ve ever worried about performing when you first have sex with someone new, this post is for you. There are simple ways to improve your confidence when it comes to having sex. All you have to do is try them out and see how it goes. The best way to start is by trying. If you don’t try you don’t learn. Take on board what we say and you’ll soon be sleeping next to the fuck buddy of your dreams satisfied that you have given them a night to remember.

Tips for success in bed
1. Watch some porn
Music to a guy’s ears right? Partly. Porn helps us indulge in sexual fantasy and primes us for sexual activity. You have to be careful not to let your porn habit go to your head – whacking off a dozen times a day is not necessarily healthy. But the casual and regular use of porn can go a long way to activating your libido in the bedroom.

2. Get to know your body
One of the best ways for someone else to know what you like in bed is for you to know what you like in bed. The best way to do this is to practice by yourself before you sleep with someone else. Knowing what you want and what you like is a great way to boost your confidence when asking a partner what you want them to do.

3. Dress to impress yourself
Even if this means wearing underwear you know you look good in even if no one else does, the feeling of specialness it creates will get you psyched up for sex faster than anything else. Don’t dress to impress someone else; dress to impress yourself. You’ll feel all the better for it sexually.

4. Big yourself up
We are our own worst enemy sometimes. Constant fears run through our heads like unwanted ants questioning our ability and skill. The best way to boost your confidence in this area is to talk yourself up. Do it in front of a mirror or to an empty room. Make yourself feel good by reminding yourself of how awesome you are.

5. Focus more on your pleasure
Stop worrying about what your fuck buddy is thinking; worry about your own pleasure. They’re more likely to have a good time if you’re having a good time.

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