Always have stuff going on in your life

12 Apr 2016 - 19:34 | Tags: keeping your fuck buddy, being alpha, great sex

Sex is amazing. Even bad sex can be good! Good sex is great, and great sex can blow your mind! I mean literally. Science has graphed out the chemical reactions that take place in the brain at the point of orgasm, and the results are quite literally mind blowing.

Sex is so great that the pursuit of it can become all consuming, and the point of getting it, the times in your life where you have it on tap, understandably it can over turn your life. You can easily find yourself spending your time having sex, and doing very little else! Why would you go out on lavish dates when you can just go home instead and have sex. Why bother hanging out with you mates when you can hang out with your sexual mate instead. Why spend time with your family – I mean you want to but you are just too busy having sex. I could go on but there is no need – you get the idea I am sure. So if sex is so great, why bother doing those other things you ask? Because the two are connected.

Great sex comes from the energy of the two people coming together and fancying the pants off each other – I mean that quite literally. The more that they find the other person attractive, the better the sex is. A lot of it comes down to how much you want it, and you want to keep that to as high a level as possible. You want the buying temperature to be super hot!! So how can you do this? Have other stuff going on in your life. Have options.

If you are the cool guy that has friends he hangs out with, people he does cool stuff with, things going on that easily fill his time, it is a really flattering thing when you then choose to spend some of your time with the girl. It is quality time. On the other hand, if you don’t have anything going on in your life, if you drop the ball on your friends and your family, if you let your hobbies and pastimes lapse into disuse, then you are being with her because you have nothing better to do. That is a whole lot less flattering!

You also want to remain the attractive man that she first chose to sleep with. The man that she first had sex with *did* have all these things happening. So if you drop down from whatever level of “life” you had when you first dated, then you cease to be the same sexy thing that deserves to have your plaything.

Maintain a life outside of your sexual partner. It is the best way to keep your sexual partner.

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