Adrienn deserves attention

15 Apr 2016 - 19:58 | Tags: new members, new fuck buddies

Gentlemen this one is strictly for you, as our latest ember to make the member spotlight is strictly straight only. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our April 2016 member: Adrienn.

Adrienn is in no way a high flyer. She grew up in Hungary in Europe and her family came over looking for better opportunities over here. They have worked hard to make a living and have settled here permanently. She is not particularly ambitious, she currently works full time as a cleaner and makes what's she says is a decent enough amount of money from it... but her wallet is far from where her true assets lie. To be honest once you take a flick through some of her more adventurous profile pictures (which we do not have the permission to share here) you’ll see exactly what I am talking about!

She works hard, and quite long hours as she is trying to save as much money as she can in order to in years to come get a deposit, and all work and no play makes Adrienn a dull girl. So she is now looking for someone who has their evenings free in order to share some time together with her. Once she has enough money together she is going to get out of this location to somewhere a little more affordable – she doesn't specify whether that is in the country or actually out of the country entirely to take advantage of the exchange rate, but she is clear that she is not looking to put down roots in any way shape or form, and wants a clear agreement that this is casual. She has had an issue about this with her last boyfriend, which is why she was delighted to find this website. I believe that we can give her the clarity she is looking for... ahem I think that you can give her the clarity she is looking for as well as give it to her (pun intended).

So if you are interested in a little action with Adrienn (though she us anything but little in all the right places), ping her a message.

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