When should you NOT have sex?

27 Feb 2014 - 11:00 | Tags: when not to have sex

Yes, sex can be great. It can be amazing! It can make you feel things that nothing else in this world can make you feel. Yet it can also be dangerous for your mental health if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sex despite how much we promote it, needs to be taken seriously if you are to enjoy it properly and not get yourself into any problems.

So today we ask the question; when should you not be having sex?

The Answers
1. If you are mentally unwell
Whilst sex can provide great positive endorphins flowing through your body, the come down afterwards can cause severe psychological problems if you are already in a bad place when you started. Too often people use sex as a solution to all their problems when it’s not. The best sex comes when you are already mentally healthy. The worst comes when you are feeling bad. Try to be in a good place before fucking about.

2. You feel like you owe it to your partner
No offence, but that’s just insane. Not only does it devalue your partner, it showcases your immature attitude towards sex. You should never give anyone the sympathy bone. It’s demeaning, cruel and shows a clear lack of respect for yourself and for your partner.

3. Revenge
If you’re fucking someone just to get back at an ex or to make a point to someone you disagreed with, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. It won’t be enjoyable. It just demonstrates a self-loathing attitude.

4. Money
No I’m not talking about prostitution in the strictest sense. I’m talking about fucking someone just because they’re rich. You should ideally be only sleeping with people you like enough to want to sleep with. Money should never come into it.

5. Boredom
Sex will only distract you for a short period of time (even if it is a marathon session). Boredom is amongst the worst reasons to have sex as it again it showcases a lack of respect for yourself and for any partner you hook up with.

6. Loneliness
Sex will never cure anyone of loneliness no matter how much we want it to. It will distract you for a few hours and at worst actually highlight and intensify your feelings of being alone more. Don’t fuck just because you feel lonely. It won’t cure you.

7. To prove a point
This can be anything from fucking someone you consider ‘out of your league’ to just screwing the first person you meet in a bar. Just because you can fuck, doesn’t always mean you should. Have some standards for yourself and for the other people around you. Fuck someone because you like them enough to want to fuck them, not just because you can.

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