Triggers to a low sex drive – psychological issues

28 Sep 2021 - 20:45 | Tags: low sex drive, sex and health, mental health

Welcome to the fuck buddy website, the place where we help like-minded individuals meet other people on the adult dating circuit for some no harm fun. Last article we spoke about triggers to a low sex drive. Having a high sex drive is important when adult dating. The main reason that people are getting together is for the sex. If the sex is not happening then the other person is not going to hang around for that much time! Some people suffer from a low sex drive and this can be caused by many things. Some of those things can be physical, which we spoke about in our article on physical triggers to a low sex drive. In this article, we are going to talk about the psychological issues that can reduce your sex drive. The same as last time, we would advise that if you or your fuck buddy are experiencing any of these, we would highly recommend that you talk to your sex partner about it. In this case, psychological issues are often harder to talk about than physical issues, so approach it softly and gently, and we advise a high level of sensitivity here. That said, here are our triggers to a low sex drive as driven by issues of the mind.

Anxiety or depression

These are strong suppressors of sexual desire. Being stressed in bed can make it hard to orgasm. Being anxious can prevent an ability to even make it to the bedroom in the first place. Depression can be equally devastating on someone’s desire to have sex. This can affect anyone. Someone who was previously perfectly healthy and great in bed, could find themselves suffering from a bout of depression or anxiety which really reduces their ability to function in all areas of life. This can effect their work, their friendships, and it certainly affects their desire for sex. If you or your fuck buddy are suffering from either of these, we would advise seeking professional help.


Stress is a sex killer. If you are stressed out, you may find you just don’t want to have sex. The desire can completely dissipate. If this is happening, rather than forcing the sex, we suggest addressing the cause of the stress first, Once steps have been taken to solve that, the desire to have sex will come back again.

Low self-esteem

Having low self-esteem will reduce the desire for sex. This can often, but not always, be linked to having a poor body image. Ironically, having sex with a fuck buddy can sometimes be a healthy source of evidence as to why the person suffering from these issues is wrong! Someone sleeping with you can be a clear indication that you do have a great body and that you have reasons to be more confident. If you or your fuck buddy are having these issues, speaking to each other about it can be both a source of comfort and a source of solution. We highly recommend it.

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