Sex in the time of lockdown

27 Mar 2021 - 08:26 | Tags: COVID-19 and sex, coronavirus sex

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has swept the world, and with it has brought a wave of reduced movement, interaction and social meetings. For those people who are single, this has meant a massive reduction in the ability for them to meet new people, whether that has been those seeking long term relationships, or those people who were looking for fuck buddies, friends-with-benefits, hook ups or other more modern adult dating partnerships. All parties were affected equally, no matter what their relationship goals may have been.

For those already in some kind of coupling relationship, the opposite was true. Those that lived together went from spending some time together to spending 24hours a day together. They found themselves jammed together without the space apart that they were used to. The commonly accepted wisdom is that all the extra time together would have resulted in more sex. The couple has more time and opportunity to have sex. No longer are they confined to coupling only in the evenings where they have both the time and energy to get down and dirty in the bedroom. There is also an argument that they have more energy. Gone are the long commutes and strains of travel that are usually caused but removed by those now working from home. Energy is a key factor in a good sex life, and it would seem that COVID-19 has left many of us with more, rather than less, of it.

However common wisdom may be wrong. All that extra time together increases the contact that feeds our need for intimacy, but it removes our need for space. This results in increased annoyance, agitation, and friction between the people. This can reduce the amount of sex you have. Attraction is also often helped by some time apart and seeing the other person interact with the world around us. All of that is also stripped away, leaving the people in a position where they are no longer as attracted to each other. That reduced attraction results in reduced sex. The reduced sex fuels the reduction in attraction. They have a direct upward or downward affect on each other. So it could well be that people who live together are actually having less sex than before due to the lock down conditions.

So it may well be that whilst we think that those living in the same building or dwelling ended up having more sex than those who did not, this simply may not be the case. Those with a fuck buddy know what their relationship is focused on, so they rarely neglect the physical aspects of having someone of the sex that they are attracted to. Those in more standard relationships however may have done less well than those with a fuck buddy.

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