Sex with a suit

30 Oct 2017 - 22:04 | Tags: swimsuit, office sex, sex workers

This article is mostly designed for readers who are currently not having sex with a suit, however just in case you already are having sex with a suit, you might find you haven’t been taking full advantage of the opportunity!

So are you currently sleeping with a suit, or if not are you considering it? There are so many advantages to sleeping with a suit, and I would like to take you through them now.

A suit speaking widely is someone who works in a suit. This usually refers to someone in a city job or a professional position, the most obvious being bankers or managers. I find the best suits to be more in marketing or less well known industries, but it doesn’t really matter. If they wear a suit it counts! They can also be men or woman – so I am going to talk about both.

They look sexy in the morning

They have to look good going into work, which means when you say good bye in the mornings, you have some decent eye candy to look at. This is a lovely way to start your day!

They come home looking sharp!

Usually they come home looking sharp. Whether that means you have someone pretty to come home to, or whether they are going to walk through the door at some point like a Christmas present, the effect is the same.

For the girls – use the tie!

There is nothing sexier than grabbing a man by his tie and pulling him in for a kiss. It does it for both you. For him, it assures him that you want him, that he is desirable and wanted – which is a huge turn on. For her, she gets a chance to exercise her right of owner ship over you as she asserts her authority by physically pulling you in. Win win!

For the guys – take advantage of that skirt!

A girl in an office skirt is pretty nice. Take advantage! Run your hand up her leg, stopping only after you have gone a little bit higher up her leg than is decent, enjoy looking her up and down – and let her enjoy you enjoy that too. If you are feeling really on it, get her to lose the underwear in the morning on the promise that when she gets home there will be no delay that you are going to take full advantage of the easy access. Text her during the day to remind her of what is coming… or who will be coming later!

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