Sex advice: Shave for more sensitive skin

20 May 2016 - 19:59 | Tags: be a sex god, great sex

Once we are having sex and getting laid, what we inevitably move towards is a place where we are having more sex and getting laid more and more often. It is easy to confuse quantity with quality however, they are both different things. They both serve the same master of course, the desire for *more* - more sensations, more satisfaction, more feeding of our insatiable desire for oneness with another human being. They do of course serve in different ways however. I have to be careful here, because there is a lot to be said about quantity. The more of something you have, often the better it genuinely is. A reasonably tasting pie is alright, but if you are hungry and you get to eat loads and loads of pie, like ALL the pie then actually it can become a great meal! The same is true for sex. If you just get to have loads and loads of sex, then even the most mundane of sex can quickly become good through sheer quantity. Good sex can be upgraded to great sex, and great sex had multiple times in a row can be easily looked back on as a mind blowing brilliant sex session. So I fully acknowledge that there is a huge amount of value to be had in just having more!

Another good approach that can increase how much enjoyment you are having with your current sex sessions, is to increase the quality of the sex that you are having. We lead busy often time starved lives, and so it isn’t always possible for a lot of us in our current work/life situations to be able to increase the amount we have sex simpley because there isn’t the space and the time to do so. As such instead we have to look for ways of increasing the quality of the sex that we are having instead.

One sure fire way of doing this is to shave. Shaving the hair from any part of your body makes it more sensitive. That part of the skin when touched, stroked, carsessed – even lightly brushed will respond with a greater level of rippled pleasure than an un shaved section of skin. For the ladies this likely means going and having your legs waxed, your arms done, and depending on how adventurous you are having your bikini line done. This is largely the accepted relm of the ladies.

For the men I would urge you to not discard this however. For most men the shaving of the face can make a huge difference in your sex life – for both of you. Not only does your face become more sensitive to touch, but for her she gets a smooth face against her face, chest and thighs depending on what part of her body you are kissing at any time!

If you are looking for a little extra time spent from her around your manhood, then a little tidying up down there can also massively increase this! Not only (again) will it make you more sensitive in that area to her touch (both from her hand and her mouth) but it will also encourage her to go down there. I never really realised how important a little tidy now and then can make to a girls willingness to visit your cock with her lips on a more regular basis.

So want to increase quality? Then whether you’re a girl or a guy, get the razor out and get trimming!

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