Pick one day a week to be your dating night then stick to it

25 Apr 2022 - 23:30 | Tags: adult dating, dating tips for men

Whether you are dating casually, looking for a serious relationship or out for a quick hook up or a one night stand, constantly being on the search can be tiring. There are now so many opportunities and avenues that one can use to try and meet someone, but this also means that it can overload and cause dating burn out. There are the websites with full profiles which take a lot if time and effort to engage with. On the other end there are the apps which are much easier to start with, a quick swipe left or right and you are done… but then the messaging can also take quick a lot, and for men this also requires a number of messages to girls who will never respond. Then there are the in person events: singles nights, speed dating events, meetups and social activities with a good chance of meeting people. If all of that wasn’t enough, there are the “normal” things one might do as well. This includes just going out to a bar or for drinks, perhaps going to a house party or other gathering run by your social group. It can be a full time job! So what is the answer if you are starting to feel the dating burn out and need a better way to manage it? Consider making just one day a week your “dating” week and then stick to it.

The concept is that by picking one day a week you free up the rest of your week to do your usual tasks and activities. Any momentum that you lose is easier to get back because you only have to make that effort once a week. You are also more likely to be successful on that day as well since you have more energy for it. This idea works so well, there is even now an app whose USP is that you can only message people one day a week and no more!

Thursdays are a really good choice if you are looking to do this. On a Thursday you are towards the end of the week without being into the weekend. Most people have time that they may not on a Friday which means there is a good density of people you can hook up with. It also means that if you like someone, you can follow up that weekend with them. Perfect.

So if you find yourself getting dating fatigue, then give this one date a week technique a good.

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