A no strings attached relationship does not mean no effort

Having a no strings attached relationship can be so good for you. For many people, a “monogamous relationship” which should be a force for happiness in their lives, is anything but. Over time, your partner who was previously nice to you can start to treat you badly, all the things about that partner that you previously thought were “cute and quirky” seem to now just be annoying as hell, and eventually, the frequency of sex can be drastically reduced if it is even still happening at all. All of this can lead to an unsatisfactory relationship for both parties. No one is happy.

The nice thing about a no strings attached relationship is that, in most cases, none of the above occur. There is no expectation of spending all your time together, which means the “quirky” habits of your fuck buddy remain exactly that in your eyes, quirky. You both know that this is an adult relationship without ties, so if one person starts to treat the other badly, they leave. This encourages good behavior on both sides. Finally, the sex remains on the table. That is not to say that you would be fucking like bunny rabbits like you did in the early days, but both of you know that were it to ever stop, it would mark the end of the no-strings-attached relationship. So as long as you are fuck buddies, you are fucking.

However, just because there are no strings attached to the relationship, does not mean you should make no efforts. Hooking up with someone is straight forward, maintaining a fuck buddy in your life takes some work. When you first hook up with a fuck buddy, because it is all new and exciting because it is different, you have to do almost nothing at all. You are interesting just because they don’t know you. After a little time though, without at least some effort things will die down. A person will forgive another for disliked habits or actions the first time because they have to accept that the person may not have understood that they did not like it. Once they have been told, doing that same action will elicit a very different response indeed! Making small gestures to be helpful or kind can go a huge way in fostering trust, generosity, and sexual attraction. These things are so helpful to keep things exciting for you and your fuck buddy when in the bedroom.

One of my greatest sexual experiences was having a fuck buddy go nuts over me. In that moment, for that evening, she wanted to fuck me so much she kissed, cajoled and stimulated me till I wanted her just as much. She wanted me to want her as much as she wanted me! Making an effort is how you foster feelings like this.

So when you find your fuck buddy that you like, take action to hang on to them. A little effort will go a long way, and remember: you get what you put in.

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