The most sexy body shape

11 Dec 2019 - 22:56 | Tags: being sexy, how to be sexy

One of the wonderful things about members of the opposite sex is that they come in all shapes and sizes… and all of them are sexy to different people! There are tall ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones, stiff ones, bendy ones… and they come in all colours to boot! Everyone has their type and preferences which is perfect. It means that there is a fuck buddy out there for everyone, no matter what you or they are like, so everyone has the ability to have a no strings attached relationship. There are certain types of shapes that, statistically, are considered “more” attractive because they appeal to more people. In this article we ae going to talk about what the most sexy body looks like based on the metric of the body type that appeals to the largest number of people… but I want to start with a caveat. Life is about variation and difference. We all look different, and it is those differences that make us unique and interesting. We all have people out there that are going to like us for what we are, so there is never a need to conform to an externally set body type, even if this way of measurement considers it sexier than your body type.

For men that are attracted to women, the driver behind things according to Psychology Today is procreation. Men are hard wired to be attracted to women based on their fertility. This is often reflected in youth (age) and the appearance and health of their skin, hair and other visible body parts. The waist to hip ratio is a really big thing. During puberty fat is built up in the hips, bum and breasts. This creates a lowered waist to hip ratio, which gives men a good indicator of their fertility, hence it being important.

For women interested in men, it is about having a “V” shape. Greater muscles on the upper body with a narrow pelvis is associated with high testosterone levels. Again, this is all about fertility. Women also tend to like older men because this is connected to the building up and gathering of resources which can then be used to look after them and any future offspring that may be created by the coupling. The final main thing is that women like taller men. I struggled to find any scientific studies that really back up why taller men are more attractive to a potential fuck buddy, but I also am certain in its current truth, so I have included it here.

So those are the body types that make the sexiest bodies for both men and women. You can choose to use this information by changing and moving towards one of these body types… but I think that a good choice is also to just find someone that likes you as you are, so don’t get too hung up on this.

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