How to have sex whilst on your period

If your fuck buddy is a woman, or you are a woman yourself, each and every month sex can be interrupted by the arrival of someone’s period. For a lot of people this means abstaining for that period of time. This is a valid choice and there is nothing wrong with just not having sex during this time. Some people argue that an enforced period of abstaining from sex actually increases desire and thus the strength of orgasms when you come back to having sex again afterwards. Additionally, with a fuck buddy, no one is in a monogamous relationship. This means that you can always have sex with someone else instead during this time. However, you are the fuck buddy of someone on a period and you decide not to have sex with them, you do risk them looking elsewhere and they may not chose to come back. Just because a woman is on her period does not mean that she does not want to have sex, not does it mean that she can’t have sex! To help out, here are my top tips on how to have sex whilst on your period.

During a woman’s period they may have increased hormones. Their usual balance is no longer in place, which means that they may feel much hornier than usual. Whether you are the fuck buddy of the woman or you are the person with the period, this can be brilliant! Naturally increased horniness leads to greater desire and arousal, which can in turn lead to a stronger orgasm during sex. This can happen without any extra effort – so it really is a fuck buddy bonus!

During a woman’s period there are a number of benefits that directly make the sex better. There is increased lubrication, for the woman everything is heightened so there is an increase in sensations for her making you feel all better to her. Having sex during a period can also give a woman a sense of abandon and freedom, and that in turns increases the power of the sex that you have together.

The best way to end a period quickly is to have sex! The contractions can effectively squeeze out the tissue inside, which means that it is all ejected faster. This means that having sex during a period will end the period potentially days faster. This is great for both the woman and the friend with benefits that helped them achieve it!

So if you are thinking if of having sex during a woman’s period, go for it! It is good for all parties.

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