How the coronavirus has affected finding a fuck buddy in Australia

25 May 2021 - 10:42 | Tags: COVID-19 and sex, coronavirus sex

Welcome to the fuck buddy Australia website, the place where we help people like you, find other like-minded individuals for some no strings attached fun. The last year has been extraordinary. The coronavirus has had a huge effect on the lives of everyone across the globe, and Australia has been just affected as everywhere else. Over here we have done a lot better than a lot of other developed countries. The closing of the borders and immigration control has gone a long way to keeping infection rates down. That being said, there are still Australians who want to return to the country, their country, and cannot due to the current rules and that is something that gives us all pause for thought. Is it okay that they cannot come home?

All of this uncertainty has done one major thing for the adult dating world. On one hand it has made it slightly harder as it has increased the barriers to entry, on the other hand, it has driven more people to be active about their sex lives than ever before. There is nothing like the reminder that we are mortal, and lead mortal lives, to give us the motivation to do something with those lives whilst we still have them! There have always been strong connections between sex and death. Many prior scientific studies have shown that people in life-threatening situations form strong bonds with those that they go through those situations with. Death also drives and encourages sexual attractiveness and bonding. A study once was conducted where a female interviewer asked questions of men that were ostensibly one another subject, but in reality, were designed to measure how attracted those men were to the girl asking the questions. She did it in the street, then did the same on an unstable bridge. The results showed that more people were attracted to her on the unstable and dangerous bridge than when they were safe on the street. The girl looked the same both times, asked the same questions, the only thing that changed was the introduction of the danger. This same principle has applied to COVID-19 times. As people are reminded that they are going to die, they become more attracted to members of the attractive sex.

So the coronavirus has, infact, led to a spike in the number of people seeking out adult dating sites and adult dating in general. It is easier to be brave and go out and get the sex that you want when you are reminded that doing it “later” may never happen. So if you are single and looking to mingle, there has never been a better time.

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