How to chat up a girl in the street

There are girls everywhere, literally. In the shops, the malls, the streets, the pubs, the clubs. There are women working in the sewers, on the trains, sweeping the streets just as much as in the board rooms or at the head of multi million pound companies. They are everywhere doing everything, and yet somehow we think that the only place that we can meet a girl is in a pub or a club...

This concept that you have to go somewhere to meet a girl is total nonsense. You can find someone almost anywhere, and at any time, and you never know when you are going to meet your perfect 10. The concept of a personal perfect 10 is simply that as everyone is different, the girl that is your perfect 10/10 super model is different to the next mans, which means that we all have the ability to win. So what if you meet your perfect 10 walking down the street, are you going to just let her walk on by because she happens to be in the street rather than in a pub? No, don’t do it. Take action and go and chat her up. If you have never done this before this can be quite a hard thing to do, so here are is a basic guide on how to chat up a girl in the street.

How to stop a girl in the street

Firstly you have to stop her from walking. Don’t jump out at her and scare the crap out of her, that would be a bad way to start. You don’t want to seem like a weirdo or like you are selling anything, so go up to her and stop her calmly and cooly. Ideally you don’t do it face on, you approach her from a 45 degree angle from over her shoulder, this means that she can see you coming and that she has to stop to hear what you are saying. Done.

What to say about why you have stopped her

Be honest. I mean super honest. Tell her that you thought she was hot/cool/pretty whatever it is that made you stop her. Tell her you had to stop her, and you wanted to talk to her. Whilst this is unusual, the honest approach really works. You come across as strong and confident, and it sets the frame as a sexual one from the start.

Then just shoot the breeze

After this it is up to you. Talk naturally, follow the conversation where it leads, listen to what she says and respond appropriately.

Ask for her number / a date

If you have gone through all of that, get her digits. Ask for her number or even better ask her out on a date there and then.

What ever you do, don’t let opportunity pass you by. If it walks up to you, hit on it!

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