Having more sex can bring meaning to your life

Here at the fuck buddy, we have always known that sex was good for you. In previous articles on this very blog, we have spoken about the benefits of sex, which include, but are not restricted to: the burning of calories, increased fitness, the release of “happy hormones” that increase our sense of well-being, sense of connection, improved performance at work, and even increased income has been linked to having sex. This is why we are so keen to help you find a fuck buddy. When two people come together to have sex, it really is a win-win situation where both parties benefit. When you find a fuck buddy or offer to have a no strings attached relationship, you are helping them as much as you are helping yourself. A recent study not only confirms this, but seems to take it even further.

A team of psychologists from George Mason University conducted a study into the relationship between having sex and the meaning of life! They did not discover the answer, since we already know that is 42, but they did find a very clear connection between having sex and the participants feeling like life has more meaning. They took 152 people and had them track their moods, their general feelings, and whether they felt that life had a meaning to it. They then took this data and correlated it against when they had sex and looked at the results. It seems that there is a connection!

Gaining sexual access was shown to increase the participants' belief, in not only their self-worth, but in their belief that there is a meaning to life. You may be thinking that this would not work with a fuck buddy, that perhaps that this does not apply if you are in a no strings attached relationship. You would be incorrect to think this. 63% of the participants were in monogamous relationships, and here is the critical thing, it seems merely being in a relationship does not have the effect.

...simply being in a committed relationship is insufficient to derive benefits from pleasurable activities...

– the testing team.

If you are in a relationship, it is not enough. The critical thing is to be having sex! If you are not having sex, then it does not change things. So the key thing here, is the sex. This suggests that if you have a fuck buddy, you are more likely to believe that there is a meaning to life. Sex has been proven here to have tangible benefits for our health and happiness.

So next time you booty call your fuck buddy, why not do it in the name of science?!

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