Habits to have a great sex life

22 Oct 2021 - 00:22 | Tags: australian sex habits, sex habits, great sex guide

Whether you are single now and looking for a fuck buddy or already have a friends with benefits relationship set up, at the point we are having sex, we all want to be having great sex. Often, the better time we have In bed, the more that our fuck buddy will enjoy themselves as well, which means it can be beneficially for both of you. One of the key things to having a good time with the person you have hooked up with is to get to know them. Having sex with someone is like playing an instrument. It is new, and slightly different, and even if you are an experienced player you still need to tune it and tune yourself into the quirks of it. So the more that you play with one person the better you get at it, and the more fun that you bot have. That being said, there are some great habits that you can build in order to make sure that you have a great sex life. With that in mind, here are my top habits that you should build right now.

Think about sex broadly

Most people think about sex as being penetration. To them, anything less than that is not sex. However, studies have shown that people who think about sex more broadly have better sex lives. They think about sex as more than just the penetration, it is the intimacy, the closeness of bodies… the brushing of an arm can be a sexual act if done in the right context. This mindset shift is an important one for a great sex life.

They educate themselves

Knowledge is power and understanding something makes you better at it. Having a good educational understanding of sex can make you better at it. This is now very easy to access with the internet being on your phone. Consider looking things up and really coming to understand the mechanics and the psychology behind sex.

Touch each other – a lot

It is a given that there will be touching in the bedroom, but for a really good time make it a habit to touch the other person outside of the sex session as well. The holding of a hand, the guiding of an elbow, the brush of a leg… these are all small actions that, if done habitually, can keep the fires of desire going for far longer than for those who do not.

So consider taking on some of these habits for a better sex life for both you and your fuck buddy!

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